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Back to business

Journal Entry: Mon May 28, 2012, 11:39 PM

Wow it's been a long time since my last post :) to be honest I kinda got lazy about it XD sorry guys! but here I am :)
I've already posted many things here lately but didn't quite explain what it was all about! well1 I'm writing my own survival horror game script! I've already written down the main things but I won't be showing it here cause I don't really want people to know everything about this story yet! But I can still show you my drawings for the game :) bascically it's survival horror type game, the main character is a young french girl named Johanna, she wakes up on a beach only wearing some kind of white dress with a number on the side "23" and not remembering anything of her life except that somebody tried to kill her using a gun. so she's there on an unknown island and she has to figure out who she is and what happened :) taadaaaa! the rest it a surprise ;) and I still don't know what to call the game... I was thinking of 'shattered memories' but aaaah I don't know XD but yeah that's pretty much it :)

I can't really remember where I stopped in my last journal but well let's sum up my life for the past year :) I don't live in Japan anymore, I now live in my home country New-Caledonie, I go to uni where I study English (2nd year now) and I have a boyfriend who is also here on DA --> :iconmegadji: <-- , we've been together for more than one year now ^^and we're really happy :love: so animation school is not an option anymore!money is a problem but ay I'm happy where I am so :) even if I don't study Art I can still draw so it's okay ^^

Some of my boyfriend drawings

Easter Rabbit Canon by Megadji The big bad wolf and red hood by Megadji Carmen by Megadji Mad Wolf Rickard Blunt by Megadji Remo first strike by Megadji Slum robot by Megadji Remo by Megadji Mister Reaper by Megadji

Awesome Disney princesses!

Black Mage Esmeralda by Skirtzzz Dark Knight Meg by Skirtzzz Songstress Ariel Redux by Skirtzzz Alchemist Sally by Skirtzzz White Mage Rapunzel by Skirtzzz Lady Luck Alice by Skirtzzz Berserker Pocahontas by Skirtzzz Gunner Snow White by Skirtzzz

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huhuhuuuuuuuuh :D

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 3, 2011, 10:06 AM

Happy new year everyone!!!!! :D

okay okay I know it's a little late XD but where I live we wish a happy new year to anyone we meet until february! lol

so yeaah! it's been like 2 months since I last wrotte a jounal entry! damn! I'v been so busy!
so fo everyone that follows my incredible adventures, here's a little summary of my life at the moment ^^

Life is a bitch

Remember I told you that I wouldn't go to that animation school, and instead I would go to uni here (in New-Caledonia) just so that I could stay with my family??? well.... it seems like they don't really want me to stay.... let's say that they got used to me not being here (remember I was overseas for the last 3 years, since I'm 16). and they were all like "no you gotta go elsewhere doing your studies! anyway there's nothing here for you! go to france, the US, or anywhere you want but don't stay here!".... I tried to explain that I didn't wanna leave  and come back for holidays feeling more and more like I don't have a family anymore! but they wouldn't listen!! so guess what?! I'm going to france in july.... damn I can't believe I was so excited to come back, and now everyone just wants me to leave already... seems like my dogs are the only one that have been missing me.... anywayyyy!!! apparently I'll be living with my best friend in France since our university are in the same town. so yeah it's pretty cool, but I'm still feeling sad about leaving again :(
anyway! next topic!! :D

Movie time!

I finally watched Tangled!!! and OH MY GOD!!! just AMAZING! I went there with my best friend Pascal, and when we found out that the cameleon's name was Pascal as well, we just couldn't stop laughing for the whole movie! XD so ended up calling ourselves Rapunzel and Pascal the cameleon! XD (since I'm blonde with green eyes like Rapunzel lol)
anyway it was just amazing ^^
and then we went to watch Megamind! and OH MY F************* GAWD!! I loved it so bad! XD priceless!!!! :D I think I liked it even a little more than tangled XD kinda hard to choose =P
and THEN! we finally watched HARRY POTTER 7!! I was probably the last one on earth to watch it XD everyone watched it like months ago (but I was in Japan at that time!) and when I could finally watch it all my friends already had!! and I'm not the kind that goes to the theatre alone XD so I just forced my bestfriend to watch it again XD and it was again AMAZING!! best HP movie EVER!! can't wait till part 2!! and since then I can't stop thinking about HP XD I'm reading Book 5, 6 and 7 again! XD (just ended up 5 =P)
AND!!! I finally watched IRON MAN 2!! XD I knoooooow it was about time XD but as I said before, I was in freagging JAPAN!! XD so I could finally watch it in the plane on the way back to my country!! BUT!! I thought that I couldn't even watch it there!! I mean that  when I sat on the plane, after take off, I checked my little TV and something terrible happened!! IT WOULDNT FREAKING WORK!! XD and for the next 4 hours I was the most frustrated fan on the planet watching Iron Man 2 on another passengers'TV  (she was like 3 metres away....and I was still sitting on my seat...) and then they finally fixed my little TV *o* and anyway I loved it sooooo bad!!!!!! so I watched it like 3 times on that plane XD and I'm gonna get the DVD blueray with special features soon *o*
oh and btw, I watched Narnia 3, such a dissapointment o.O

so right now I'm going through a huge Iron Man and Harry Potter phase!!! Let's featuuure :)

Tony Stark is among us!

ok guys there's this dude on DA.... he's like my new god XD he makes actual Iron Man armors!! o.O neeeed!!!
simply amazing! check it out! :D

The Iron man armors 2 by Masterle247 Iron Man MKIV update 9 by Masterle247 War Machine USA flag by Masterle247
Iron Man and War Machine by Masterle247 Master Le at SDCC 2010 MKV 4 by Masterle247
Master Le at SDCC 2010 MKV 2 by Masterle247

The Hero unmasked!

War Machine test outside 2 by Masterle247

Don't you just wanna marry him?!! ^^

The boy who lived

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Animation school + Boring MeStuff

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 21, 2010, 7:39 AM
Animation school

Helloooow everybody!! ^^
It was time for me to update my journal! but I got really lazy XD and I'm sorry!! lol
so here are some news ^^

OK so you remember when I was looking for advice about animation school?
First of all, I would like to thank everyone of you who gave me their opinion and supported me!! thank you so much guys! it means A LOT to me!! thank you thank you I love you!! :hug:

So after a few months of deep thinking I decided not to go...
why? well I really REAAAAAALLY love animation you know! and I really wish that I could do that for a living! but I know that it is sooooo god damn hard to get a job in the animation industry! even if I were the best animator (which I'm clearly not XD) it would still be hard to get a job! and that really scares me! and please don't get me wrong! I'm not saying that I'm too lazy to face the difficulties here, that's not it! I just want to be realistic! and make the best decisions for my future!
so I decided that I would go back to teaching french, japanese or english! it is well paid to be a high school teacher in my country, so that would be enough for me! plus I love teaching and kids, and the best thing is that I would get lots of holidays and free time to do what I love the most: drawing! so I'm thinking this is not too bad :) of course I would have prefered to be an animator, but not everything goes the way you want them to.... so yeah ^^

New plans

SO! since I'm not going to france anymore for the animation school, I will be going back to New-Caledonia and live with my family :)
I'm getting a gap year ^^ I'll get a job and save some money before going back to uni :)
I'm really looking forward to live with my family again! you know I've been away from them since I was 16 and it has been so hard for me! family is so important to me, and I'm missing them so much! so I'm really happy to finally go back :)
the only bad thing is that internet sucks over there >___< not sure if I'll be able to log on as much as I do today... but I will try my best anyway! and keep drawing as much as I can ^^

God I am so excited to go home now! I have so many plans with my friends! going camping for a week alone with my best friend! :D in the woods!! OMG!! XD we're gonna take our laptops and watch scary movies there XD go to the river, get water guns and water bombs and fight for our lives everyday! this is gonna be so much fun!! I really can't wait! :D ( and just so you know, it's summer there right now ^^ so it will be pretty hot in christmas ^^ )

Busy Busy

And gosh it's christmas already! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! I remember when I arrived in Japan 1 year ago! wow! feel like it was yesterday! god! XD time flys!! and now I'm running out of time XD so many things I want to do here in Japan before I leave! so I went shopping  at the square enix shop, spent so much money there XD but I'm so happy *o* and I'll be going TWICE to tokyo disney land this month XD the christmas show is on!! I can't wait to see it!!! ^^
I only got 1 month left to do all the things that I wanted to do in Japan when I came XD and I still have to go to uni until the last day! which is one day before I take the plane lol so really really busy right now lol

But I'm really happy though :) stressed out XD but still happy ^^
and I'm hoping that everyone of you are gonna get a happy and lovely christmas :D (I know this is a little early but who cares??!! XD)

Need you here!

I'm looking for a good scary movie to watch right now, any idea?? :)


I'm going Stitch crazy again XD

Stitch by Unodu Stitch and Turtle by Terrauh
Stitch by KuroiSenshi Stitch is Luv by kaykaykit
Lazy Stitch by JonathanEdward Baby Stitch by Luckysas
Stitch - waiting for family by vivsters Lilo and Stitch by Boostie
Stitch RAWKS by Kel-C-Lynn Kingdom Hearts - Stitch by kitkatz

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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 9, 2010, 11:37 PM

Guys! I'm having a huge Bug in my DA profile!!
all the comments, views and favs I received have been deleted o.O I don't know how that happened, and I'm really hoping it will get fixed! I sent a note to the DA staff, hopefully they will fix that.... :( I really feel bad about this >___<

did that happened to anyone else???


it seems like this is happening to everyone!!


I'm gonna go to bed.. hopefully when I'll wake up everything will be back to normal... with a little more views and comments :p

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Animation school?? need advices :(

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 24, 2010, 7:47 AM
I need you

Hey guys!
I've been thinking about something lately.... well actually It's been 2 years that I have just no idea what I wanna do, which college I wanna go to, what to study and all that stuff. It has been so stressfull this year because I was supposed to come up with a final answer and go to a japanese university next year to study law, but I realised that I just don't wanna do law... I don't know what I wanna do anymore...

so I took the decision not to go to uni next year but in stead I will go back to my country (New-Caledonia), get a job, save some money, stay with my family for 1 year (I've been living overseas for the past 3 years, since I'm 16, without my family so that I could learn english and japanese) while doing some research and find what I really want to do.

But yesterday I came up with this weird idea...what about animation school?
you know I've always loved to draw, and I just adore animations movies such as Sinbad or The little mermaid, but I never thought about making it my job... I've always dreamed of it but it just felt like it wsa just a dream, you know what I mean? that it wasnt even reasonable to think about it.  I think I never thought that it would be possible for me, because I don't think that I am talented enough to do that.

But I don't really know why, it just hit me yesterday (I was in the shower XD really!! lol) Why not? I mean people go to animation school because they love drawing and they wanna get better right? and this is exactly what I want! and if there is one thing that I can do all day and be happy about it is drawing! I mean this could be my dream job!

so I got all excited last night, thinking that maybe I could actually go to animation school. I even called my dad to tell him, because you know, he's the one who's gonna pay so I think he has the right to have an opinion on this! and surprisingly, he agreed..?! I was really surprised 'cause my dad always pushed me to be a lawyer, or a doctor, or you know something big! and I never thought he would be happy about me going to draw all day at uni lol

but I'm really concerned about my lack of skills though... it ain't that easy to get accepted at animation schools, and I wish I could go to LISAA which is the biggest Art school in France (and it's in Paris, where my grand parents live, so that would be great for me to go there, I'd love to be around my grand-parents after so many years spent far away from all my loved ones...) but they only take 25 students per year (out of 300....). but I guess I still have time to improve. I mean Im still going to stay with my family next year, I will try to go to some Art classes and then I think I should go to, what we call in France, "Prepa". which is like a school that prepares you for Uni. so like for 1 year they will prepare me for the entrance exam of the animation schools. so I still have 2 years then  to get ready.
But I'm really worried about it :s I'm taking this really seriously right now, since yesterday I've been drawing human body sketches like crazy. been to dozen of websites that could help to get better.

But I'd like to ask you guys, you who actually go to some Art, animation schools... do you think somebody like me has any chance to succeed in this?

I would really appreciate if you could take the time to answer this. all my friends got really excited about this when I told them today, but you know, they're my friends they just want me to be happy. So I guess that if I want an honest feedback that would be from people like you guys. so I'm asking you... :)

just random! XD

'cause I promised I would do

if you ask me to i will
1. Tell you something I'll learn about you by looking at your dA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what pokemon you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Give you a weird nickname.
8. Tell you what's on my shirt right now.
9. Challenge you to post this on your journal.(you really dont have


Come and join us!! :D


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Oye Oye! Sinbad's Fans!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 16, 2010, 6:48 PM
Welcome to the club!

hey guys!!
guess what guess what!!!
I created a club dedicated to the hottest pirate ever!! SINBAD!!! the one from the movie "Sinbad, The legend of the 7 seas". OH YEAAAA!!! :woohoo:
since I couldnt find any club dedicated to this movie (that I absolutely LOOOOVE!!) I decided to make my own ^^ and it's officially open now!! so come on guys!! Spread the love of Sinbad!!
and join us at :iconsinbad-fans: (and I made that icon! yeaa I'm pretty proud of myself right now XD)

I'm so excited ^^ I've watched the movie 3 times this week, in 3 different languages! XD French, English and Spanish! lol actually I wasnt supposed to watch the spanish version, but I thought I was DDL the english one and when I watched it, well it was in Spanish XD and since I know the movie by heart I could just understand everything XD (even though all I can say in spanish is "Bunas noches! hijo des la luna (love that song :love:) and mi cas es su casa!!" XD so I kept on watching it anyway! and I have to say that Sinbad's voice in Spanish is kinda sexy ^^
so anyway! I'm so obsessed by him right now XD it's crazy lol

so come on!! Everyone loves that movie!! XD Join us!! we are 4 already!! (including me ^^)
Yea it's not much XD But I didn't think anybody would join so quick XD (I made the group yesterday lol)





I just discovered the wonderful world of making Stamps! so here they are! XD
sebastian OMG by AmbreMarine Sinbad Fans Stamp 2 by AmbreMarine Ariel Stamp by AmbreMarine I support inside blonds by AmbreMarine Sinbad Fans Stamp by AmbreMarine Sinbad x Ariel Stamp by AmbreMarine Love Ariel Stamp by AmbreMarine Sinbad x Ariel Stamp 2 by AmbreMarine


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Amen to that!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 2, 2010, 6:54 AM
A propos...

J'ai besoin de vous amis ecrivains pour m'aider dans mon nouveau challenge!! ^^ Laissez moi vous expliquer =)

J'ai beau etre francaise je ne suis pas allee a l'ecole en francais. et oui j'ai fait l'ecole in english depuis le debut du lycee ce qui a entraine une chute radicale dans mon vocabulaire francais ainsi que dans ma capacite a bien ecrire... je me rappelle a l'epoque au college *souvenir souvenir* j'ecrivais tres bien! j'adorai les redactions et ne faisais presque jamais de fautes! mais un jour, mon destin a bascule! ce fut le jour ou mes parents deciderent que faire l'ecole en anglais c'etait mieu! alors adieux redactions, commentaires composes, theses, tout ca c'etait fini pour moi (du moins en francais). Mais la jeune fille naive que jetais (vous les sentez le ton sarcatsique ou pas la??? lol) n'a jamais pense que cela pouvait porter prejudice a ma si douce et pure ecriture de l'epoque *se lance des fleurs*. Jusqu'au jour ou, un terrible matin d'hiver, je decouvris en ecrivant pour la 1ere fois un texte en francais depuis des annees (une lettre de recommendation) que j'avais tout perdu... en fait cest surtout ma mere qu'a failli avoir une attaque en voyant ma lettre! XD et moi j'etais la "ben quoi?? elle est pas bien ma lettre??" faut la comprendre aussi ma pauvre mere... j'avais commence a conjuguer des pauvres petits noms innocents... "mes competencENT blablabla" je vous fais grace du reste lol . Donc j'ai decide de reprendre les choses en mains! Et de Re-ecrire en francais! HALLELUJAH!

Mais encore

Sachez tout dabord que des histoires de Fic j'en ai! en fait depuis toute petite j'ai lhabitude d'imaginer des histoires des que je commence a m'ennuyer, et jadore ca! la pluspart du temps j'imagine mes personnages de animes/serie TV preferes dans de nouvelles aventures parfois comique mais pour la pluspart du temps romantique et dramatique. (jaime quand ca pleure!^^)
seulement je n'avai jamais pose ces histoires a l'ecrit (meme pas en anglais), jai deja gribouilles quelques profils sur un calpin, dessine quelques cartes de monde que j'imaginais mais rien de concrets. Tout etait dans ma tete ^^ Mais avec la decouverte de ma capacite mediocre a ecrire in french, j'ai decide de me lancer dans la grande aventure de la fanfic francophone! Ainsi je pourrai enfin mettre mes histoires par ecrit et ameliorer mon francais qui m'est si cher! ^^


Voici maintenant une petite liste des differents Fandom sur lesquels mes histoires sont generalement basees:
- FullMetal Alchemist: cest le sujet qui revient presque en permanence, etant une grande fan de FMA j'ai beaucoup de mal a me detacher d'Edward Elric, et il tient toujours un role proeminent dans mes histoires.
- Final Fantasy 8: C'est ce jeux video qui m'a lance dans la fanfic romantique! XD et oui et oui, j'avai 8 ans quand mon coeur est tombe pour Squall le tenebreux! XD j'etais tellement sous le charme que je gardais la boite du jeux sous mon oreiller... lol enfin bref! cest donc depuis cette epoque que je me suis concretement lance dans le romantisme.
- Final Fantasy 12: hummm en fait je n'ai jamais fini le jeux, mais j'aime beaucoup son univers! alors j'utilise son monde de facon recurente :) ainsi que ses personnages.
- Dragon Ball Z: mon frere m'a beaucoup influence a ce niveau la. lol jai un grand frere age de 5 ans de + que moi, donc tous les mercredi matin c'etait Dragon Ball Z sur "Dorothee" (suivi bien evidemment de Sailor Moon ^^). J'aprecie tout particulierement les personnages de Vegeta et de Trunks qui s'arrange toujours pour obtenir des roles mageurs dans mes "productions". :p
- Different films de zombies lol vive les zombies! ^^
- Twilight, mais tres leger. je ne suis pas une fan. mais a vrai dire j'ai toruve l'idee originel de Stephanie Meyer interessante alors je m'en inspire parfois.

La pluspart du temps je fais des crossover de malades! une de mes histoires preferees se passe dans le monde de Dragon Ball Z dans lequel Edward Elric (cf: FullMetal Achemist) et un OC de ma creation ^^ prennent part a un virus qui transforme tous les habitants mordu en "zombies". XD j'aime vraiment beaucoup ^^ j'y ai potasse pendant 1 an je crois bien :p

Cotes preferences, alors pour linstant les seules fic que jai pu lire sont celles de:
- FullMetal Alchemist
- Final Fantasy 8
- crossover entre plusieur FF
- Lost (LES DISPARUS!!!) XD jsuis une fan ^^
- Harry Potter
- Le seigneur des anneaux
et je crois que cest tout :p

/! WANTED /!

Comme je le disais plus haut, je recherche de l'aide dans l'ecriture de mes fics! je recherche quelqu'un de relativement patient, et qui serait capable de supporter toutes mes miserables fautes dignes du CP (faut m'excuseeeeer!! XD mais au moins j'essaye! lol).
en fait concretement je cherche:
- Un correcteur: pour corriger faute d'ortho, syntax, conjugaison et toutes ces autres petites choses sympathiques qu'on aime tant;
- un pre-lecteur: pour lire le projet fini et me donner un dernier avis avant le postage;
- un complice! lol quelqu'un avec qui je pourrais parler plus precisement du scenario, des personnages et toute la partie scenaristique en fait.
J'ai pas forcement besoin de 3 personnes differentes pour accomplir ces roles! si 1 seule est capable de tout faire bah tant mieu! mais j'aimerai quand meme avoir un 2eme histoire de voir 2 points de vues differents ^^

Donc si vous etes interesse faites le moi savoir! de toute facon je posterai une annonce regulierement sur LJ (je sais pas trop comment ca marche ce truc mais on verra bien :p).

Si vous avez reussi a me lire jusqu'ici et bien felicition! je vous remets ce diplome et un bisou sur la joue! ^^

Sur ce a tres bientot je l'espere ^^

It's Summer!!

Summer. by MellyBaldin Summer by ve-pa Summer evening by Finvara summer? by bestraw:thumb137118910: Shell - Summer Memory - by WindyLife

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My Very 1st OC!!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 23, 2010, 1:40 PM
My Very First OC

Hi guys!! I haven't been writing here for a while! sorry sorry ^^ Life's been busy =P
well I'm actually here to say something! you know how I pretty much always copy of somebody's drawing when I draw? I always use models to draw, cause I dont feel comfortable enough with my drawing skills to draw things that come straight from my imagination. well!! I'm actually drawing my very first Original Character right now!!! it's on the process XD I dont feel like I'm a good drawer when I dont use a model, actually when I try to draw something without any model or reference it always turns out really really ugly XD which explains why I always use references.... lol but I envy so much all of you guys who draw your own things, your OC ^^ so I've decided to start!! whish me luck XD  
I'm going through a lot of tutorials right now XD I never really needed to before since I only had to copy of somebody so XD but I realise how hard it is to draw your own thing o.O and I guess its not cheating if I use tutorials right?? so yea =P if you know any good tutorials please tell me!! =D

About My OC

About my OC. well!! I know exactly who it's gonna be! XD since I actually got that OC in my mind for years! XD but nobody knows about it =P well I'll tell you ^^
actually I'm fanfiction person if I can tell =P I creates stories ALL THE TIME!! with my OC as the main character =P but only in my head XD I mean I never wrote them, it's just here, in my mind =P and I'm crazy about crossovers XD so pretty much in every single of my stories, edward elric shows up =P (I just Love him XD) the dude from FMA you know ^^ or dragon ball's characters,or even final fantasy's worlds =P at the moment I'm making up that crazy cross over between Dragon Ball Z, FullMetal Alchemist, and zombies XD it's crazy! XD but I think it's one of my fav stories ^^ there's love, hatred!! Sexy guys ^^!!!! FIGHTS!!! and ZOMBIIIIIIIIES!!! XD every thing you need in a good story! (oh and Sex of course! XD but soft dont worry XD) I should probably write down at leats one of my stories and show you guys but I dont know, writing isnt really my thing =P well it used to be XD but I can only write such things in french and pretty  much all my friends only speak english (or japanese) so there's no point lol
so back to my OC!! lol well I know how she looks like (oh yea it's a SHE!! =P), her name, her age (usually she's around 17~20), but her story just changes according to my crazy imagination!! MWAHAHA!! ^^ in my last story her world is under zombie attack! lol and she's an imune (a bit like in "I am Legend") but there IS a reason for her immunity =P and anyway it's complicated XD I dont wanna go through the details! lol oh ans important thing about!! well it's kinda me XD or the way I can see my cartoon self =P well it's me without being really me XD a little like :icondolphydolphiana: feels about her OC ^^ oh well lets just say it's me!! XD
so she's gonna look like me =P except that she's going through a lot of troubles usually XD (poor thing ^^)
ANNNNNND!! you know how I said that Edward elric tends to show up a lot of time in my stories?? well he kinda is my official boy friend in these XD ah ah I know it sounds ridiculous XD but I'm a romantic one ^^ he even went to hogwart with me once!! XD we've been through many battles!! lol but the zombie one is I think the craziest XD

soooo yea that's it XD I'm on the process of drawing myself right now xD and I'm struggling!! lol having troubles with my hait....mmmm >___< and my cloths too!! I dont really know what to wear XD anyway! I will let you know as soon as I finish it!! =P

hopefully sometime today ^^

Here it is!! My 1st try!! XD
Linoa first try by AmbreMarine
I will try to draw more ^^

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Hey guys!! I have lots of news for you!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 21, 2010, 7:43 AM

=D first of all, remember that guitar I was dreaming about a few weeks ago?
well... I BOUGHT IT!!! =D actually it's Her (yes it's a She ^^) first week anniversary today!!! =D
so Happy Anniversary Eden!! (Yes! I named it!!! lol Eden <3)
so I've been learning guitar for a week =) and I'm loving it!! *o*
my fingers have been hurting me really bad XD but now my skin got thicker! and stronger! so now I can play as much as I want, it doesnt hurt anymore! =D and it worths the few songs I can play ^^ well I can play only 2 pretty well "Behind blue eyes" (limpbizkit) and "part of your world" (The little mermaid) =D I'm also learning how to play "Decode" (Paramore) =) I know somebody who's gonna be happy about this ^^ :iconparamorebitchx:
=) maybe I will be able to play it for you when you come to Japan Rhi!! =D


I'm getting my own appartment next week!! *o*
well if everything goes allright I should get it =) it's a really nice little appartment =) located one station away from shibuya (which is where you can find basically anything =D also it's also where my school is, so really good ^^), I have my little kitchen =), bathroom ^^, etc =D I'm so excited!!!!! I can't wait to start buying all these house thingy!! like washing machine stuff, cooking stuff ^^ and some stuff to decorate my appartment and make it look all pretty!! *o* but the thing is I have to cook for myself now xD and I can't cook... (really, I burn water XD) it's gonna be really interesting XD it's my new challenge!!! lol
well ^^ can't wait =) and once my appartment looks all pretty and nice, I will invite my school friends and we will have dinner! =D on the floor!! XD yea no table.... lol it's a student appartment so... no table XD but who needs a table really??!! ^^


Today's theme is Music!! =D

Artist of the Day

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I'm Back!!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 8, 2010, 5:17 AM
Hey guys!! guess who's back!! XD
Yes I AM still alive lol ^^ I know it's been about .... I dont know XD 4 months maybe..???
well I've been really busy sorry XD
I moveed out from Australia, went back to New-Caledonia for christmas and then moved in Japan!!
YES!! I AM in Japan right now!! XD I've been here for about 2 months and a half I think :p
and it's prety awesome XD the thing is, Japan is really really Expensive!! o.O Gosh!! >___< I can't buy anything XD cause I need to pay everyday for the transport to go to school >___< about $10 a day just for the train + another $5 for my lunch, so about $15 a day if I don't go anywhere else with my friend >__< and $15 everyday IS a lot of money XD so can't do shopping anymore >___< but ay! I've lost some weight XD well since I didnt realise from the start how $15 was expensive, I kinda spent a lot of money when I got here :p and ended up without enough money to buy my lunch o.O so for about 3 weeks I didnt have lunch XD ah ah that was pretty awefull lol ^^ but Anyway!! :P
Let's get back to business!! :p
I haven't drawn AAAAAAAAAANITHING since I left Australia xD I got so busy with my studies in Japan >___<
plus I dont have a scanner anymore :'( but tonight I've decided to draw again!!! so I did!! XD just one ay :p I drew a little sailor Moon ^^ but since I dont have a scanner I'm just gonna take a pic of it ay :P hope it's good enough >____< I havent finished it yet! I dont really have time tonight!! I have an exam tomorrow so I have to get back to study >___<

other than that!!! I may buy a Guitar soom!! =D I know what you think! "what the heck??!! didnt she just say that she didnt have any money?!!!" OK OK!!! I'm poor!! XD but I found a really cheap Guitar that looks really good!! only 7000 yens!!! *o* so I thought that if I dont eat lunch for another 3 weeks I could buy it *o* I dont know why but I'm obsessed with guitars at the moment!! I've always wanted to play an instrument! I can play a little bit of piano but I'm always travelling and carrying a piano is pretty much... impossible!! XD and a guitar is so cool!! =D I could take it in the plane with me!!! and even if I can't play it for now, when I will go out with it on my back, everyone would think "WOW!! look that chick out! she's got a guitar! she must be really cool!!" XD
so what do you think?? =3

I need to go!!!!!
since I havent been here for a while I kinda forgot how to use deviantart o.O
Rhiiiii!! teach me again!! XD

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  • Drinking: Apple juice &lt;3


Journal Entry: Tue Nov 10, 2009, 7:14 PM
School's out!!!

I'm out of school!! I had my final exams yesterday and now it's all over!! I'm graduating!! OMG!!! o.O how weird is that??!! XD I keep thinking about my first day in primary school, then my first day in junior, and my first day in high o.O and it feels so weird!! school is over!! I will never ever ever have a math exam for the rest of my life!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaa!! XD  (as you can see I'm not in luv with math!! =P) and I'm moving out now!! I'm leaving in 2 weeks o.O GOD!! >___< I don't even really realise it yet... I still feel like I'm gonna go to school tomorrow, see all my friends, sleep in hospitality class and stuff..  but NO!! XD I won't! EVER AGAIN!! o.O I'm up to a brand new chapter now... I'm gonna live in Japan from january next year o.O I've been dreaming about this moment for about 5 years and now that I'm actually about to go there I'm scared o.O damn!! XD anyway!!! lets not think about that for the moment =P lets think about how in hell am I gonna find the money to go to movie world next week XD lets think about this room that I was supposed to clean 1 mont ago =P god I really have to clean it!! XD

Art of the Day

Twisted Princess: Cinderella by jeftoon01 Twisted Princess: Pocahontas by jeftoon01 Twisted Princess: Aurora by jeftoon01
Yakuza bodypaint II by yayacosplay Dark Thoughts by yayacosplay Disney's Mulan by yayacosplay
New One by DiLeMnE Esmeralda by DiLeMnE Queen of Spade by DiLeMnE
Melly - Sunny Afternoon by Katikut Karelle for Hito76 by Katikut
:thumb82914841: Melly by Orpheelin

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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 3, 2009, 1:04 AM
Getting excited?

wooooo!! One of my friend at school is coming to visit me in Japan next year!! Yeaaaaaa!!! =D so we were planning her trip  in japanese class ^^ she will sleep at my place over there =D how incredibly awsome is that!!??? XD she's gonna stay 2 weeks =D so coooool!! XD we're gonna go to Tokyo Disney Resort and Tokyo Disney Sea (Yes, in Japan there are 2 Disney Lands!!) Kyaaaaaaa!! XD anyway ^^ it's really exciting!! =D
My english assignment is almost done ^^ well it hits 2500 words... which is bad XD I'm gonna have to cut some bits >___< and we had fun in English today with :iconparamorebitchx: =D we took some crazy shots with my Mac XD that was awsome ^^
aaaaaaaah I'm feeling good ^^ had a little nap this afternoon XD I'm gonna have to finish my english assignment tonight since I promised :iconparamorebitchx: that I would so XD
Lets get back to business!! =D

:heart:Art of the Day:heart:

Some cute stuff today ^^

Cactus Brothers by yuki-the-vampire iPod Theo by yuki-the-vampire Theo... and The Eggs by yuki-the-vampire
Choco Massacre by yuki-the-vampire Theo... and The Titou Invasion by yuki-the-vampire Play with us by yuki-the-vampire

Art Progression


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  • Watching: Chicken Little
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can you hear the bells??

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 1, 2009, 10:47 PM

I haven't been on deviantart so much lately, sorry guys!! I've been busy sleeping in!! XD naaaa kidding ^^ but Yea I was pretty busy :p
I still have to write my english essay, which should be alright but I'm not sure what we are supposed to do for the personal responses (Rhi Heeeeeeelp!! XD). But I'm pretty proud of my scrapbook =) I better get an A with this crap!! xD a $70 assignment!!! XD
anyway =) it's November o.O did you notice too?? xD its really weird for me... specially because it doesn't only mean that Santa Claus is coming soon (hopefully with lots of presents!! :eager:) but it also means that It has been 2 full years that I live in Australia, and that it's time now to pack up and leave for good.... how sad is that??!! >___< when I came here 2 years ago, I felt like these 2 years will come so slowlyyyyyyyyy.... and now POOF!!! It's gone!! o.O Geez XD anyway... I'm trying to enjoy the most that I can these last 3 weeks spent here. which explains why I'm not on deviantart so much lately XD

:heart:Art of the Day:heart:

Not much this time (I gotta get back to my assignment XD)

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Graduation dress!!! *o*

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 27, 2009, 3:18 AM

I finally bought my graduation dress!!!  KYAAAAAAAAAAA!! XD I have to say that for a moment I thought that I wouldnt go to grad cause of the price >___< (all the dress that I saw were all likre $300 o.O + the ticket for grad which is $100 + shoes + jewlery..... anyway, way too expensive XD) but this dress only cost me $79!!! =D *happy* that's all thanks to :iconparamorebitchx:!!! she took me to the shops and se helped me chosing a dress!! ^^ thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! :love: I so love this dress XD it's pink salmon :D I love that colour XD goood thats so good ^^ now hopefully I dont have to buy shoes since my formal shoes should match.... but I have to check though...
anyway ^^ since I didn't post a journal yesterday (sorry, got so busy with my japanese exam of today o.O I got an A!! =D) I'm gonna feature lots of people!! =D Yeaaaaaa!! XD

Art of the Day

Happy Santa by MonicaMarinho
Waltz by muhoho-seijin Garden by muhoho-seijin Ocean Moon by muhoho-seijin
yotsuba no CloVeR by LanWu Angel by LanWu Angel Plexi by LanWu
Psychedelic Studio : 223 by emperpep SS for Xephonia by emperpep Warm garden. 204 by emperpep
HP: Halloween Hermione by leelakin Blush by leelakin Ginny by leelakin
Wonderland.. by moonchild-ljilja Midnght Garden... by moonchild-ljilja Halloween Spell... by moonchild-ljilja

Special Thanks

to :iconparamorebitchx:for being so lovely:love:

Art Progression

Humm haven't done anything XD but I may colour Alice ^^

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Gold Coast!! =D

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 24, 2009, 7:18 AM

I'm going to the Gold Coast tomorrow!!! YEAAAAA!! I haven't been there for like.....5 years XD
Damn!! o.O anyway!! ^^ I'm going with my best mates from Brisbane =D Sean and Neil ^^ ah ah these guys are awsome =) it's gonna be so much fuuun!!!!we're gonna do all the rides and stuff like that!!!! x3 But I have to get up at 4 am o.O catch a bus a 6.20 and then a train at 7 and another train until Sandgate (where my friends are picking me up) at 9 am o__O I'm sooooo gonna sleep in the train XD actually not.... I won't sleep XD cause I would be too scared of missing the right station o.O DAMN!! XD
since I won't be here tomorrow, here's my 2nd journal entry of the day XD
[oh actually it's 00:05 ..... never mind XD]

Art of the Day

:thumb137971225::thumb136448558: TWINS by yuuki-ri Ambition by yuuki-ri
Aquarius by Hellobaby:thumb139474258::thumb94897523:
Ariel's Song by daekazu Treasure for the Mermaid by daekazu Neo Sailor Chibimoon by kaminary-san Neo Sailor Jupiter by kaminary-san

I know way too many gifted people!! XD


I just finished this lineart, I'm thinking about colouring it....
what do you think??


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Blablablaaaaaaaa!! XD

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 23, 2009, 8:21 PM
PROUT!! lol

Aujourdhui je mennuie.... je sais pas uoi faire alors me voila XD et je sais meme pas quoi ecrire non plus XD aors je vais marreter la et commencer les features ^^

Art of the Day


Feww!! Lots of features today!! =D

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Blablablaaaaaaaa!! XD

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 23, 2009, 12:05 AM
Note Me
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Sick... T___T

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 21, 2009, 7:59 PM
bouuuuh >___<

Je suis malade o.O mais alors vraiment malade XD pas juste le genre "ah jsuis fatiguee jvai dire a ma mere que je me sens pas bien pour pouvoir roupiller!!"
NANANAAAAA!! XD le genre " ou est mon paquet de mouchoir!! reviens moi!! mouchoirs!!! pourquoi mabandonne tu!!! pourquoi toi!! >___<" et oui le genre ou tu dors avec ta boite de mouchoir (pas juste le ptit paquet de 10 mouchoirs naaaaaa!! XD) tendrement dans tes bras (ou eventuellement avec un rouleau de papier toilette!!) et aussi avec ce ptit sac en plastic place strategiquement juste a cotes de ton lit, le plus pret de ton oreiller possible, pour pouvoir geter les mouchoir uses au fur et a mesure :P le genre que tarrive plus a respirer que par la bouche... tu as perdu ton sens de l'odorat et de ce fait ta langue devient toute pateuse et tu n'es meme plus capable dapprecier ton petit verre de jus de pomme quotidien >__< le genre ou tu fais des cauchemards de caffards geants pret a te manger!! et tu te reveille en sursaut sur ton lit, te prend les pieds dans les draps en essayant de te sauver de ce monstre et tombe lamentablement sur les fesses par terre, tout en sueur biensure.... mais bon la t'as quand meme le droit de te taper un fou rire en realisant que ce netait qu'un reve :p mais tu fais aussi des cauchemard bien moins amusant... le genre de cauchemard ou tu voi ton ptit copain se taper une nana que tu deteste.. et la tu te reveille et crois moi tu rigole plus... tu passe plustot le reste de la nuit a y penser >__< le genre ou tu te mest a appeler ta pillule quans tu la trouve pas.."pillule?? ou es ma pillule?? allez viens ici la cest pas drole!! >__< tu vois bien que je suis malade non?!! alors viens la!" lol
Enfin Bref!! tes bien malade quoi!! XD ton seul reconfort dans ces moment la??
PAS COURS!!! =D ah oui ca cest beau!! lol

:heart:Art of the day:heart:

:heart:Art Progression:heart:

I think I'm gonna color my doodle ^^ what do u think?? should I?
Doodle by AmbreMarine

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Oh puree...

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 20, 2009, 9:57 PM
5 semaines

Plus que 5 semaines!! o___O
Dans 5 semaines je vais devoir emballer toutes mes affaires, trier mes fringues et tous mes bidules, jeter ce qui est pourri, donner ce qui me sert plus, deccrocher les posters et les photos des murs de ma chambre, faire le menage [ NONNNNNNNNNN!!!! XD ]
Dire adieu a tous mes amis, a mon petit ami, a ma famille d'accueille (avec qui je vis depuis 2 ans!! o.O) aux chiens de ma famille d'accueille (bouuuuh mes ptits toutous >___<) et PARTIR!! o.O
Partir vivre dans un nouveau pays o.O toute seule... (bon jai quand meme des potes la bas XD et pis je connai deja la famille qui va maccueillir :p  MAIS TOUT DE MEME!! o.O)
JE VAIS PARTIR VIVRE AU JAPON!! o.O (si mon visa le veut bien... problem de visa xD non non pas stressant du touuuuuut!! XD)
je suis toute excitee, mais jai peur, je doute >__<
rolalaaaaaa xD cest quans meme chiant d'avoir l'ame d'une nomade!! lol
Mais bon..  Il me reste encore 5 semaines =)

Encore 5 semaines!!! =D

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:heart:Feature of the Day:heart:


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Features!! :p

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 20, 2009, 5:24 AM
Et ca y est je vai moi aussi m'amuser a featurer tout le people ^^
cest la premiere fois que je le fais alors ca risque de buguer XD (vu ma competance naturelle pour le cassage de figure :p)

:heart:These people ROCK!!:heart:

:iconambreakasora: :iconkawanai: :iconsugargrl14: :iconkarisca:
:icontratsini: :iconlpdisney: :iconorin: :iconhollybell:
:iconcrosssword: :icontite-abi: :icondavidkawena: :iconaileine:
:icondaekazu: :iconedward-elric-add: :iconmontyoum: :iconparororo:


:heart: Some Great stuff!:heart:

Stop pretending by Karisca Life is clean by Fatooome
Sailor Moon - Colour by AikaXx Michael Jackson 2 by mlcamaro - In love - Ambre - by AmbreAkasora
Jungle Cub by DolphyDolphiana:thumb138887493:
Deep Blue by daekazu Sailor Moon: Mercury by daekazu aru in hagaren movie -Spoiler- by mayuchan All cats are grey in the dark by CrossSword

I just realised something...
[ I :heart: Christmas!! xD ]

okay I gotta get back to my movie :p
(watching Edward Scissorhands :heart:)

bye bye ^^

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